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Chillers are complete refrigeration systems that can be adjusted to specific cooling needs, and to comprehensive requirements of manufacturing facilities.

We can offer the following chiller systems:

Galaxy series

chiller-1These systems are highly efficient cooling that are characterized by:

  • NH3 use – a sustainable refrigerant.
  • Low refrigerant charge.
  • Low installation costs.
  • Heat exchangers with “GEA Plate and Frame” quality.
  • PSM (Process Safety Management) compliance with less requirements.
  • Touchscreen controls.

IC series

We offer a complete line of plate chillers in 7 sizes ranging from 100 to 1,000 nominal TR. Characterized by:


  • Low use of NH3.
  • Compact size.
  • Laser welded plate.
  • Frame heat exchanger sized for different applications.
  • Level sensor for continuous monitoring.
  • Touchscreen controls or remote control panels.


Shell & Tube Series

The Shell & Tube Chillers are designed and manufactured to suit any type of application that requires an efficient and reliable cooling process.