Cooler doors

Posted on April 24, 2013 | 0 comments

We offer doors for coolers, cold storage rooms, and other high traffic refrigerated areas.

Fast cooler doors

  • These doors combine the high performance of FasTrax fast doors with specific solutions for cold storage rooms such as the ventilation system and the curtain thermal insulation.
  • It is not necessary the use of heat lamps to keep the curtain adhered ice free.

Barrier glider cooler doors

  • For industries that handle a high forklift traffic, we recommend using impact-resistant doors.
  • These doors offer the same properties as fast cooler doors, with the inclusion of impact protection elements Iso-Tek.
  • Panels seal tight against wall, but at the same time release easily on impacts.
  • A high impact resistance is obtained by the tubular channel, the flexibility of 3″ Iso-Tek ” panels and the “hourglass ” roller design.