Industrial compressors

Posted on April 23, 2013 | 0 comments

GEA FES industrial compressors are classified in two main groups:

Reciprocating Compressors

Reciprocating compressors are most commonly used for small or medium duty, such as offices, residences, workshops and small industries. You can choose models of the following series:

compresor-reciprocante-15HP series: designed to work at high pressures in cascade refrigeration systems, where 2 or more cooling systems are connected in series to achieve very low temperatures.



compresor-reciprocante-2V series: compressors of a modern design that provides high energy efficiency, low maintenance cost and high reliability.




Screw Compressors

These compressors are designed for heavy duty processes, being the most common type of compressor in medium or large industries.


compresor-tornillo-1X series: these units have an optimized rotor profile that improves volumetric efficiency and reduces power consumption.



compresor-tornillo-2L Series:  Service-friendly design combines long-life sleeve bearings with easy access thrust bearings that can be replaced without removing the compressor. 14 models available working HP of 100 to 2.500.




M Series: High performance cylindrical axial roller bearings and duplex angular contact ball thrust bearings. There are four working models 50 to 300 HP.



compresor-tornillo-4Series S: Unique Hermetic Differential Transformer (HDT) transmits slide valve position without wear or friction and requires no external seal. There are four working models 25 to 150 HP.