Special adhesives

Posted on April 23, 2013 | 0 comments

NEOFLEX adhesives offer the best performance you can find in the market, as a result of extensive research and development. We present some applications:


adhesivo-2Profile coating: use as solvent base to bond PVC-films with materiales sucha as melamine paper to chipboard, MDF and aluminum, as a hardener for polyurethane with or without solvent; and as profile coating coating of PVC with materials such as decorative PVC film, MDF moldings, metals, paper and wood veneers.

adhesivo-1Floors: use as one-component and two-component bonder for parquet, and as  a water base to bond PVC, parquet and linoleum.

adhesivo-3Manufacture of PVC film laminations, chromated aluminum, ceramics, glass and metal. Useful for “sandwich” laminations in trucks and trailers.

adhesivo-4Footwear and leather: use as a water base for bonds and assemblies, as a base solvent for bonds and assemblies; and as a hardener.
adhesivo-5Artificial grass: use to bond parquet with artificial grass.
adhesivo-6Textiles: great performance for textile laminations with high initial grab.
In addition, different adhesive models are available for upholstery and mattresses, conveyors, ceramics and flooring for playgrounds.